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Jo -original and best-
17 January 1985
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My Layout;

Fishie love Header made by me, yours truly XDD Absolutely no stealing, or taking and modifying in any fashion, or I will hunt you down and rip your fingernails off.

Layout coded by the awesome beevosteethos <333
About Me;

Ummm, well I'm rubbish at wriing these things for a start :P
I'll get the boring part out of the way first, I am a maths geek, with a masters degree in it, but you wouldn't know it with the way I talk XD
Also a raging fangirl manly Super Junior, Kat-tun and NewS but chances are I'll have picked up a new one by the time anyone reads this.

By percievedfate because this is just Hae to an absolute T XDDD

By ushiosan

By ushiosan

By ushiosan